Branding and Marketing
Welcome to my site! I love creating art and design exploration. I became a graphic designer as a way to express this passion to my work and I got into marketing to utilize my skills into something that can help others. Outside of work, I like to do personal art/gaming projects, lift weights, play videogames, and spend time with my family and friends.
About this practice
I want to empower growing businesses by giving them the tools to help propagate their brand. Through innovative techniques and hard work, my goal is to make top quality design available at an afforable rate.
My Story
I created a boardgame centered around freeze tag that I play with friends at class.
I start staying after school to practice Macromedia Flash application.
I start staying after school to practice filmography and Premier application.
Graduated Highschool
I had to drop out of college due to funding and poor planning.
I start inviting co-workers to test Turtley Democracy. Invitations open a way for me host a party alternative while also getting good game notes.
I Began exploring Photoshop & Illustrator
I recreated Turtley Democracy cards using Illustrator and Photoshop for illustration
Vincent encouraged me to start work on Living Planet, I began working on animations and Unity
I finished my eight year enlistment service to the Air Force
I began studying Html 5 family coding
I joined the Antioch missionary team to provide support to people in Tijuana
I graduated from NCSU with degree in Bachelor of Graphic Design
I started work on my first ecommerce website
My first ecommerce website goes live
I started work on Turtley Democracy as a way to spend time with my brother.
I began studying anatomy and perspective to enhance my drawing ability
I started work on a slice of life comedy comics. I conducted research on comic layout and storytelling. Most of my work is done in the classroom.
I began a tutorship program at school to help younger students and make money on the side.
I traveled abroad to live with my Father and take college
I joined the US Air Force to pay for college
Some friends discover Turtley Democracy, encouraging me to expand on the project
I began experimenting with rulesets and recreating card art in microsoft paint
I am deployed to Afghanistan.
I relist and get stationed to S. Korea
I am put in charge of new recruit training, due to the mass influx of troops during this time, I am put on nights to supply the necessary workstations and am required to create a new training regimend to account for the growth.
I am stationed to Florida
I am placed in charge of OJT for new recruits
I start hosting Turtley monthly meetings where anyone on flight is welcome to join in, eat and have fun.
I created a newsletter for the flight to help with moral
I started college at NCSU
I took Antioch Discipleship School at nights.
I met my to-be wife on a blind date.
I start working with C# while working on Testimony
We married on Sept 12
Our firstborn enters the world
To empower growing businesses with innovative design/marketing tools and techniques.
To raise a new generation of growing businesses that operate with confidence and a sense of community.
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